Donna Summer
"Live and more", 1978
(Index Doppel-LP/MC/CD mit ram-/mp3, wma- und mid-Hörproben)

DONNA SUMMER, Live and more-cover, LP/MC 1978 (donnasum.gif/161 KB), FOTO: Francesco Scavullo

Side 1 - 3   - Liveaufnahmen

Side 1 (LP)
01. Once upon a time ..., 03:03 Once upon a time ... DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
02. Fairy tale high, 02:20 Fairy tale high, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
03. Faster and faster to nowhere, 02:09 faster and faster to nowhere, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
04. Spring affair, 02:34 Spring affair DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
05. Rumour has it, 02:34 Rumour has it, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
06. I love you, 03:38 I love you DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)

Side 2 (LP)
07. Only one man, 02:06 Only one man DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
08. I remember yesterday, 03:52 I remember yesterday, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
09. Love's unkind, 02:37 Love's unkind, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
10. My man medley: 06:25 My man medley, DONNA SUMMER, rwma-file (Hörprobe)
(a) The man I love My man medley DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
(b) I got it bad and that ain't goodMy man medley DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
(c) Some of these days My man medley DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
11. The way we where, 03:23 The way we where, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
(Original von Freundin BARBRA STREISAND, 1973)
12. Mimi's song, 04:28 Mimi's song DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
Song for UNICEF

Side 3 (LP)
13. Try me, I know we can make it, 04:14 Try me, I know we can make it DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
14. Love to love you baby, 03:23 Love to love you baby, DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
15. I feel love, 06:54 I feel love DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
16. Last dance, 05:50 Last dance, DONNA SUMMER, mp3-file (Hörprobe)

Recorded live at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA-California, 1978

Side 4 - Studioaufnahmen (nur auf LP/MC-Version von "Live and more")
17. MacArthur Park Suite (1978), 17:47  :
(a) MacArthur Park, 08:27 MacArthur Park, DONNA SUMMER, ram-file (Hörprobe)
(b) On of a kind, 04:57
(c) Heaven knows **, 02:38 Heaven knows, DONNA SUMMER, ram-file (Hörprobe)
(d) MacArthur Park (Reprise), 01:32 MacArthur park (reprise) DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)

MIDI-Datei:"ds_macar.midmidi-Datei:ds_macar.mid (Last dance) - Hörprobe

"MacArthur Park Suite"-Studioaufnahmen (P  1978) auf CD
"DONNA SUMMER - the Dance Collection" (C  1987)
 A Compilation of Twelve inch Singles, track 4

Donna Summer, Live and more (Doppel-LP/MC/CD, 1978), FOTO: Francesco Scavullo

Nur auf CD-Version von "Live and more":

17. Theme from the deep (down, deep inside) *, 06:07 Theme from the deep (down, deep inside), DONNA SUMMER, wma-file (Hörprobe)
(Song aus dem US-Spielfilm "The deep", in German: "Die Tiefe")

Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO:  Donna Summer - "The deep" , P  1977/1978, Länge: 03'38''


except * Produced, Conducted & Arranged by JOHN BARRY, 1977

** Male vocal on "Heaven Knows" by JOE "BEAN" ESPOSITO

Donna Summer, Live and more-LP-Cover, 1978 und Maxi-CD-Cover I feel love, 1995, FOTO: Francesco ScavulloDonna Summer, Live and more (Doppel-LP/MC/CD, 1978), FOTO: Francesco Scavullo


Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO:DONNA SUMMER - 'Last Dance' ( for the movie 'Thank God It´s Friday'), 1978 RIP , Länge: 08'13''


Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO:DONNA SUMMER and LIZA MINELLI, "Does He Loves You (dubi's 1978 Dreams Mix)" Stor Dubiné, Länge: 05'10''


Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO: DONNA SUMMER, "Mac Arthur Park", Live, P 1978, Länge: 04'23'',
auch von GITTE HAENNINGgesungen (1989)


Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO: DONNA SUMMER & BROOKLYN DREAMS, "Heaven knows", P 1978 and 1979, Länge: 02'49''


Quelle: YOUTUBE.COM-VIDEO:DONNA SUMMER & MIMI (daughter) and Rod Stewart, "Mimi's Song", Concert for UNICEF,
Music for UNICEF, P 1978, Länge: 04'34''


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